Join Maddy & Grace on their adventures!

Welcome to Maddy & Grace’s new website! Here you’ll find all the stories of the girls’ past adventures and any future adventures to come!

Join Maddy & Grace as they explore jungles full of dinosaurs, sneak through a  haunted house, make new friends from different planets, and much more. Along the way, the girls learn some very important lessons that are helpful for all children as they grow and experience their own life journeys.

If you enjoy the time you spend here, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing the stories with family and friends. These children’s  books also make an excellent birthday or holiday gift, or simply share this website so that others can begin their own journey with Maddy and Grace.

On behalf of Maddy, Grace, Gerald, and Page Publishing, we thank you for joining and supporting our adventures!


Human beings learn best through storytelling. Each adventure Maddy and Grace embark upon contains a fundamental life lesson for parents and children to discuss along the way.


Children relate best to other children. The inspiration for the Maddy & Grace stories began in the imagination of Maddy herself. Each story is written in simple language, telling an entertaining story containing a valuable life lesson intended for children ages 6-9.


Color tells a story of its own. While words are one method used to describe a tale, we’ve made every effort to ensure the accompanying colors and illustrations bring those words to life.


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