Learn about the author and how Maddy & Grace was created!

Gerald Ruhoy


As a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Product Design and a career in advertising & marketing in New York City, Gerald Ruhoy has always considered himself a storyteller. As a father of two children and grandfather of three, he’s always been fascinated by the minds and imaginations of children.

Yet, Gerald never considered writing until he met Madison Hwang,  an intelligent and inquisitive granddaughter of a next-door neighbor.

One day, Maddy’s grandmother told Gerald about an amazing dream that Maddy had. As he listened to her vivid description, Gerald thought it would be nice to write the dream down. That way, Maddy could relive it whenever she pleased.

It wasn’t long before Gerald’s inner storyteller emerged, and the first book, Maddy’s Dream, was created. Between the bounty of Maddy’s imagination and  Gerald’s desire to share, the Maddy & Grace children’s book series was born.

Now, as a children’s author, Gerald intends to see where this new adventure takes him by sharing these stories around the world so all children might enjoy Maddy and Grace’s adventures and learn the valuable life lessons taught throughout the series.

A special thanks from Gerald to Chris A. Le Cocq, a Seattle artist, whose encouragement and artistry helped him on his journey.



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